Plant Manager / Geschäftsführer (m/f/d), Albo Türen, Ense (nearby Dortmund), Germany


MAZE –International (Headhunters / Executive Search) is looking for Candidates for this position:
Plant manager / Geschäftsführer (m/f/d)
And this company: 
Albo Türen Germany
-Door manufacturer-

ALBO Türen GmbH, which emerged from Kettler Leichtbautechnik GmbH in 2007, has quickly developed into one of the leading specialists for wooden doors in the commercial and residential area. ALBO Türen is an 100% subsidiary of the ALBO Group since 2012.
The strength of ALBO Türen lies in the competence of the employees in total an team, expanding, with currently 24 colleagues.
"High-tech meets craftsmanship" is how the "creative door manufacturer" can be described in three words. With every door manufactured by Albo Türen, they combine the latest technologies with proven and tested craftsmanship. The combination of the CNC-controlled milling machines, which ensure precision, and the manual craftsmanship ensures that each door is individually tailored to our customers.
The door blanks manufactured to customer requirements can be produced and delivered within a very short time with the help of the computer-controlled production processes. Coupled with the highest quality requirements "made in Germany" you can expect everything from one-off production to series production.

The main market to which the doors are delivered are the Netherlands, in order produced for the Dutch mother company. Once fully optimized and in control, this can be build out to other markets, for example the German market.
In order to continue to grow, to build bridges with our Dutch mother and to guarantee quality, we are looking for a new plant manager.

Tasks and Responsibilities
- Building bridges with the Dutch mother company, looking for connections to ensure company survival and growth.
- Develop and execute the company’s business strategy to attain the goals.
- Provide strategic advice and an accurate view of the market and the company’s future.
- Prepare and implement comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement by planning cost-effective operations and market development activities.
- Communicate and maintain trust relationships.
- Oversee the company’s financial performance.
- Delegate responsibilities and supervise work, providing guidance and motivation to drive maximum performance.
- Reward performance, prevent issues and resolve problems.
- Analyze problematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions.
Requirements and skills
- Proven experience as Plant Manager or other Senior managerial / Management position.
- Demonstrable/ proven experience in developing strategic and business plans.
- Thorough knowledge of market changes and forces that influence the company.
- Good understanding of and respect for manual craftsmanship.
- Experience in a production environment. Preferably in an international company.
- Capable and proven trackrecord of building bridges within an organization.
- Strong understanding of corporate finance and measures of performance.
- Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
- Outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Critical must – haves:
The right candidate for this position has:
-       an understanding of the production and products of Albo - Türen.
-       a well – maintained network in NRWF.
-       hand – work industry experience.
-       sales experience.
-       a high level of communication, is clear and honest and likes to work together with his team (delegationmeans not doing it all yourselves, organize the workload) Sie arbeiten am Unternehmen, nicht im Unternehmen.
-       a high level of energy.
-       the ability to position the company well.
The Plant Manager Albo - Türen must have excellent leadership skills. He must have superior empathy or social skills to build relationships between employees/clients.
Your competencies:
In order of importance:
·      Manager / management: a personality that effectively manages individual employees or a team. He/ she promotes cooperation within a team with a view to achieving a common goal. He/she knows how to achieve results with the help of others instead of doing everything him-/herself.
·      Organization: a personality who acts systematically, shows a good feeling, and pays attention to the efficiency of his/her own work or that of others, is cost-conscious, and uses time and resources effectively. Having an eye for the big picture as well as for the details.
·      Performance orientation: someone who wants to perform, sets high standards for their own work, has a lot of energy, perseveres in the face of setbacks or difficulties, can go on for a long time, is entrepreneurial and wants to get ahead.
·      Personal impact: a personality who knows how to present him-/herself and his/her ideas well and who can easily establish and maintain contacts. Is convincing in consultation situations and knows how to get and keep the attention.
·      Integrative intelligence: a personality that shows common sense, someone with a long-term vision, knows how to form a realistic judgment by weighing up different perspectives, knows how to arrive at new insights and come up with new solutions.
Location:  Zum Kleifeld 20, 59469 Ense (Nearby Dortmund)
Where to apply:
If interested, please contact:

Mrs. Kirstie de Bruyn, Msc.
MAZE – International
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80539 München, Germany
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