Regional Manager (m/f/n) (Sales) Bayern, the Facultatieve Group


Regional Manager (m/f/n) die Facultatieve Gruppe,
Kempten and Memmingen

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About die Facultatieve Gruppe
“Die Facultatieve” Deutschland belongs to “die Facultatieve Gruppe”. This Group was founded in 1874 and is a Dutch company. The core business of “die Facultatieve Gruppe” includes services and technology in the field of funeral services.
They have crematoria in The Netherlands and Germany since 1913 and they are the global market leader in combustion furnace technology.

They are continuously working on innovations and improvements to their services. “The Facultatieve Group” has become a modern, internationally leading company with worldwide activities. They stand for partnership and integrity.

About the position
As Regional Manager you report to the Managing Director / Geschaftsführer Deutschland. 
You are responsible for (in order of importance) the commercial, the logistic and the technical organization of two locations in Germany: Memmingen and Kempten. As a regional Manager you are creating regional sales leads in alignment with business objectives. You will be supporting two location Managers with day-to-day store operation. You will evaluate location and individual performances.
The main objectives for the Regional Manager are to increase sales (to strengthen and expand the company's current market position) and to increase the quality of the service (you are keen on procedures to maintain and increase the quality of the service). You also ensure good contact with local residents and funeral directors in Bayern. Therefore, you are a true networker and you obtain information from the market (market intelligence) which is important for the company.
Tasks and responsibilities
·      You successfully manage the two locations (Location Managers).
·      You are responsible for acquisition of new customers and account / relationship management of existing customers (funeral directors).
·      You are responsible for the logistic process between the two locations and you are responsible to optimize them.
·      You are an inspiring and initiative-oriented MT member of the Facultatieve Gruppe Germany.
·      You build a stable, motivated and customer-focused team with clear goals and objectives.
·      You increase market penetration. (expansion)
·      You develop and expand existing and new key accounts.
·      You anchor processes within the internal organization.
·      You visibly encourage the signals / needs from the market to be translated into concrete products, services and propositions.
·      You initiate and strengthen the collaboration between the two locations.
·      You achieve the goals and objectives together with the two locations / location managers.
·      You utilize the current capacities and you initiate new possibilities that you can bring to successful execution, together with others.
·      You work alongside the Managing Director in the representation of “die Facultatieve” and the market decision process.
·      You are the leader of the organization and you ensure that customers appreciate your professional services.
Your profile:
·      You are a professional in sales, account management and relationship management.
·      You are a self – starter and people grant their services to you.
·      Technical or Logistics knowledge and experience is a plus.
·      You are fluent in German and have an understanding in English.
·      You understand that it is all about service, with a high degree of integrity and humanity. These values are of huge importance to you.
Your competencies:
In order of importance:
·      personal impact: a personality who knows how to present him-/herself and his/her ideas well and who can easily establish and maintain contacts. Is convincing in consultation situations and knows how to get and keep the attention.
·      interpersonal behavior: a personality that can easily relate to others, can properly assess the effect of his behavior and how he/she comes across to others, is attentive and can listen well, can adapt his/her behavior to the situation in order to achieve an intended goal, is tenacious without doing so kicking others in the shins.
·      personal strength: a personality with own initiative, a self-starter. Can and wants to make difficult decisions and is independent in taking positions and expressing them. Strong-willed, enterprising, and someone who can function effectively under pressure.
·      performance orientation: someone who wants to perform, sets high standards for their own work, has a lot of energy, perseveres in the face of setbacks or difficulties, can go on for a long time, is entrepreneurial and wants to get ahead.
·      Organization: a personality who acts systematically, shows a good feeling and pays attention to the efficiency of his/her own work or that of others, is cost-conscious, and uses time and resources effectively. Having an eye for the big picture as well as for the details.
·      Manager / management: a personality that effectively manages individual employees or a team. He/ she promotes cooperation within a team with a view to achieving a common goal. He/she knows how to achieve results with the help of others instead of doing everything him-/herself.
·      analytical intelligence: absorbs information quickly and processes it well. Analyzes information thoroughly and in detail, comes to a reasoning conclusion, sees connections between data.
·      integrative intelligence: a personality that shows common sense, someone with a long-term vision, knows how to form a realistic judgment by weighing up different perspectives, knows how to arrive at new insights and come up with new solutions.
Home office- and location Kempten. 
Where to apply: If interested, please contact:
Kirstie de Bruyn, Partner MAZE International
München, Deutschland

T:     Standort Deutschland:  +49 (0)89 66011096

M:    +49 (0)176 54423806